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Perinatal Health
From trying to conceive, to pregnancy, to parenthood

Have you ever been told that pregnancy and parenthood would be the best experiences of your life? That you'd have a special "glow" while pregnant or that you'd instantly fall in love with your baby? That pregnancy and parenthood would be all laughter, fun and joy? That your delivery would be a "magical" or "spiritual" experience? If this has not been the case for you, then you are not alone! Since pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and parenthood are often romanticized in our culture, we don't often hear the realities of these experiences from real women/birthing parents. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that 1 in 3 birthing parents experiences a traumatic delivery, also known as birth trauma, while 1 in 4 birthing parents will develop a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, also known as a PMAD (pronounced pee-mad).

Fortunately, birth trauma and PMADs are highly treatable. There is hope and I am here to help. I take a nonjudgmental, warm and empathic approach to helping birthing parents understand what's getting in the way of feeling like a good enough parent, working through these obstacles together, and identifying what kind of parent you want to be for your child or children. Choosing to engage in therapy during pregnancy or as a new parent may be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child and family. My goal is for you to leave therapy feeling not only bonded to your baby, but also ready to take on the challenges of their many milestones to come.

Listen to Dr. Stephanie Simon discuss the emotional experiences of NICU parents and tailored treatment interventions:

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